As more and more people join the keto lifestyle, the need for creative re-imaginings of familiar favorites has grown. After all, many of the ingredients in popular dishes contain unhealthy portions of sugar and carbs, which research has shown lead to weight gain, diabetes, cardiovascular problems, and other preventable medical issues.

Fortunately, a keto-conscious life can be tasty, delectable, and filled with the same passion for delicious meals as that enjoyed by those not watching their carbs. Using clever, carb-free alternatives, we can make recipes that are both scrumptious and healthy.

One such meal is our mouth-watering recipe for Keto Buffalo Chicken Tenders. Powered by a rich, almond-based flour for the breading, this meal serves six people and proves with its delightful flavor that carbs are as unnecessary as they are fattening.

Baked Keto Buffalo Chicken Tenders

This is easily one of our favorite recipes. It’s quick to make, filling, a hit with children, and easy-to-customize. While we think the symphony of ingredients we’ve arranged is pretty pleasant on the palate, don’t hesitate to tinker with your own combination of herbs, spices, and seasoning to create a signature recipe all your own.

Let the chicken strips and almond flour be your canvas for a taste infused with your unique style!

Keto friendly almond flour is an excellent alternative to your traditional wheat flour and can provide more health benefits, such as reducing “bad” LDL cholesterol and insulin resistance [1].

Baked or Fried?

One of the most heavily-debated, poultry-themed topics since the question of whether the egg or the chicken came first is whether or not to fry or bake our keto buffalo chicken tenders.

Our verdict, however, rules in favor of baking for several reasons: Firstly, baking creates less of a warzone in the kitchen, and is quick and easy to clean up.

Secondly, for those counting calories, frying makes keeping track of the caloric total confusing. Pinning down the exact amount of calories added by frying can lead to inaccurate calorie counts and add a hassle to your meal that’s sure to leave a bad taste in your mouth.

If you are trying to load up on the calories, we recommend introducing them by adding in filling portions of tasty blue cheese dressing.

Ultimately, the small amount of fat introduced by the blue cheese can increase how long you feel satiated by the meal, and reduce how much you end up eating in the long run [2].

Finally, the texture and consistency attained by baking is absolute perfection in our book, and we want you to enjoy the succulent, juicy final product that baking produces.

Which Sauce to Use

The sauce used in a keto-friendly buffalo chicken tender recipe is what injects the magic into the experience. We recommend taking the time to tinker with different mixtures to make a sauce that tastes great to you.

After all, designing your sauce can be a fun and ambitious culinary adventure, and can lead to you gaining a whole new level of control over the quality the of the food you make.

However, if you don’t have the time to get into the weeds with the making of your sauce, don’t despair! During the creation of this recipe, we experimented with a large variety of readily-available, store-bought sauces, and were pleased to discover that they all worked nicely.

Even more enjoyable was the absence of carbs in all of them, making this a great keto dinner. Though you should always confirm by reading the nutritional information on the back of the bottle, most buffalo sauces feature spectacular taste with no added sugar or carbs.

If you’re not familiar on how to read the nutritional information then be sure to check out our article on how to read nutritional labels for keto and you’ll be up to speed!

Make Sure to Sauce to Order

Saucing to order is critical if you want to experience the maximum amount of enjoyment that these keto buffalo chicken tenders can deliver.

The crispiness is the heart and soul of this recipe, and drowning it in sauce an hour ahead of time can destroy the essence of what makes these tenders such a treat.

The easiest way to sauce correctly is to fill a tub of Tupperware with buffalo sauce, and then place a couple strips at a time inside. Shake the tub until the contents are completely lathered in sauce, and then enjoy!


This recipe serves 6 people, and is quick to prepare!